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08-02-2014Nuclear Blast Nes and Upcoming Releases  (Nuclear Blast)
07-02-2014Metal Blade Upcoming Release Dates  (Metal Blade)
07-02-2014THE OCEAN debut "Pelagial World Tour video blog part 1"  (Metal Blade)
29-01-2014Metal Blade News  (Metal Blade)
20-08-2012Massacre Records New & Upcioming Releases  (Massacre Records)
20-08-2012Nuclear Blast New & Upcoming Releases  (Nuclear Blast)
20-08-2012Metal Blade New & Upcoming Releases  (Metal Blade)
20-08-2012Century Media News And Upcoming Releases  (Century Media)
20-08-2012Peaceville New And Upacoming Releases  (Peaceville)
18-08-2012Australis Records presents: Timecode - Lapses  (Australis Records)
08-05-2012CATTLE DECAPITATION full album stream online  (Metal Blade)
12-01-2012Enuma Elish "An Endless Tomorrow"  (Enuma Elish)
16-09-2011Candlelight Records New & Upcoming Releases  (Candlelight Records)
16-09-2011Bestial Hordes (MAL) - "Nuclear Metal Lust" (Tape) NILZ 016  (Nexus Inspillinger)
16-09-2011SPV News  (SPV)
09-09-2011Xtreem Music New And Upcoming Release  (Xtreem Music)
09-09-2011FREE Download: 100th XTREEM MUSIC release  (Xtreem Music)
07-09-2011TOXIC HOLOCAUST On Tour  (Relapse Records)
06-09-2011Massacre Records News  (Massacre Records)
06-09-2011Metal Blade New Releases  (Metal Blade)

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