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29-11-2013Final Heiress - "Cry from the Undertow" - Lyrics  (Final Heiress)
06-09-2011Spawn of Posession Start Recording New Album  (Relapse Records)
02-09-2011Nucelar Blast - Free Songs For Downloading  (Nuclear Blast)
31-08-2011Sad News  ((DMS))
19-07-2011Unkind News  (Relapse Records)
19-07-2011Brutal Truth News  (Relapse Records)
19-07-2011Toxic Holocaust News  (Relapse Records)
09-07-2011Eryn Non Dae. live @ IMPETUS 2011  (END.)
05-09-2010BELPHEGOR – nominated for Amadeus Award + In The Studio  (Nuclear Blast)
05-09-2010Swashbuckle - New Online Game  (Nuclear Blast)
05-09-2010EVERY TIME I DIE Get “Sh*tty” In Hilarious New Web Series  (Epitaph)
05-09-2010BEHEMOTH – Nergal raising awareness  (Nuclear Blast)
28-08-2010The Very End Sign to SPV  (SPV)
28-08-2010SPV / Steamhammer signs worldwide deal with POWERWORLD  (SPV)
28-08-2010Heavenwood Enter Studio  (Avantgarde Management)
08-07-2010Nuclear Blast Free Songs Download  (Nuclear Blast)
02-03-2010Madball sign to Nuclear Blast  (Nuclear Blast)
18-12-2009Exciter News  (Massacre Records)
17-09-2009Mantic Ritual part ways with singer/guitarist Dan Wetmore  (Nuclear Blast)
10-07-2009Swashbuckle News  (Nuclear Blast)

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