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08-02-2012Azrael - Decirte Adios  (BK Producciones)
02-02-2012SOMAS CURE - "Bitácora" [Oficial]   (Sobry Management)
02-02-2012The Last Vegas - The Other Side (Official Music Video)   (The Mad Note Co.)
02-02-2012The Last Vegas - Apologize (Official)   (The Mad Note Co.)
02-02-2012The Last Vegas - Loose Lips OFFICIAL VIDEO   (The Mad Note Co.)
02-02-2012The Last Vegas - Whatever Gets You Off - Official Video   (The Mad Note Co.)
01-02-2012UNISONIC (HD) Official Video Premier   (ear Music)
01-02-2012VITA IMANA - "Un Nuevo Sol" [Official Video]   (Vita Imana)
01-02-2012VITA IMANA - "Quizás No Sea Nadie"  (Vita Imana)
12-01-2012BILOCATE - The Dead Sea (MetalBlast - Egypt)   (Bilocate)
12-01-2012Enuma Elish "An Endless Tomorrow"  (Enuma Elish)
12-01-2012KATHAARSYS "Darkness"   (Kathaarsys)
12-01-2012Kathaarsys - TV Interview   (Kathaarsys)
11-01-2012Gloom - end of the wicked   (Gloom)
11-01-2012Gloom - dark side of desmodromic pantheon   (Gloom)
06-01-2012ATMOSPHERE GREY + KORUMBA   (HateWorld Productions)
06-01-2012Pounding Metal Union presenta: Thrash Xmas Fest   (Pounding Metal Union)
01-01-2012Lujuria - Escuchame   (Musikaze Pro)
01-01-2012Northern Metal Fest II   ()
07-12-2011Grand Magus Tourdates  (Grand Magus)

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