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Latest News

09-06-2018The Heresy Gene Debut Album announced  (The Heresy Gene)
05-10-2016The Invincible Spirit Club Tour Spain  (Tremenda Noche Producciones)
05-10-2016The Mission European Tour Dates  (The Mission)
30-10-2015Zola Jesus European Tour  (Giradiscos)
30-10-2015Girls Guns and Glory Tour Dates  (GGG)
30-10-20158ème Festival Gothic Eurydice  (Eurydice Production)
14-10-2015Adriano Canzian Live Set + DJ Set  (Adriano Canzian)
22-08-2015Infest 2015  (Infest)
23-04-2015Darkroom Night @ Popcorn Vinylstore  (Ethan Fawkes)
25-03-2015E-Werk Ost Festival  ()
25-03-2015Darkest Night, Seconde Explosion!  ()
18-02-2015Paintbox.x & Vj R-cut, Ethan Fawkes, Madness Bamboo + Alchemia  ()
12-02-2015L'Âme Immortelle Live - Vienna(A)  ()
12-02-2015L'Âme Immortelle Live - Aargau (CH)  ()
12-02-2015Larva Live in Greece  (Larva)
22-01-2015Ethan Fawkes - upcoming live and DJ dates  (Ethan Fawkes)
22-01-2015Nachtmahr Live in Madrid  (DMS Promotions)
22-01-2015Noise Rotator Party with Ethan Fawkes  (Noise Rotator)
22-01-2015Larva, Anamorphosis, A7IE + Ethan Fawkes live  ()
22-01-2015Dark Industry Fest  ()
22-01-2015Larva + A7IE live in Paris  (HK Prods)
22-01-2015WommelLive Electro  ()
24-11-2014L' Âme Immortelle Tour Dates  (L'Àme Immortelle)
24-11-2014Larva: Upcoming Tour Dates  (Larva)
24-11-2014Electro Night with Ethan Fawkes, Anamorphosis, VV303 + DJ Lordbone   (Ethan Fawkes)
29-10-2014Electronic Dance Art Festival  (Electronic Dance Art)
29-10-2014Pluswelt Festival  (Pluswelt)
29-10-2014Combichrist Tour Dates  (Combichrist)
29-10-2014Death in June Tour Dates  (Death in June)
20-10-2014Girls Guns & Glory European Tour 2014  (GGG)
26-09-201470FPS and Aspec(t)on Tour in Italy  (Toxo Records)
26-09-2014Helloween Party  ()
26-09-2014Resistanz Festival 2015  ()
26-09-2014Criminal Hardcore Fest  ()
15-09-2014Villamanuela Festival  (Giradiscos)
30-08-2014Amphi Festival 2015  ()
30-08-2014E-Tropolis Festival 2015  (E-Tropolis Festival)
30-08-2014Nocturna Festival 2014  (Nocturna Barcelona)
22-08-2014Pool of Darkness 1.0  ()
22-08-2014III Festival Melodías de Sombras  ()
22-08-2014Psych Out Fest II  (Giradiscos)
27-06-2014FIB 2014  ()
27-06-2014Warcelona Summer Fest 2014  ()
26-06-2014¡Hocico La Gran Celebración!  ()
26-06-2014Festival Semana Gótica de Madrid  ()
26-06-2014Gothic Fest Sofia 2014  ()
26-06-2014Huercasa Country Festival  ()
26-06-2014Orus Fest 2014  ()
26-06-2014Energy Open Air 2014  ()
26-06-2014Harvest Music Festival  ()
26-06-2014Familientreffen X  ()
25-06-2014Terminus: Ignition  ()
11-06-2014K-Bereit + Indsutrial Party Reims  (K-Bereit)
05-06-2014Entremuralhas Festival 2014  ()
22-05-2014Elektro-Indus Night in Switzerland  (Ethan Fawkes)
22-05-2014Sister of Mercy "Before Party" + Chemical Sweet Kid  (CSK)
22-05-2014Texas Takeover European Tour with Wo Fat and Mothership  (Wo Fat)
29-04-2014Heimataerde + K-Bereit live  (K-Bereit)
29-04-2014Chemical Sweet Kid in Reims  (Ethan Fawkes)
29-03-2014IC 434, Anamorphosis, Chemical Sweet Kid, Ethan Fawkes live  (Ethan Fawkes)