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Released Anger  - Faces of Fate

over Artwork
01. Faces of Fate
02. Mentally Disordered
03. Heroine’s Death
04. Murder
05. Normal Person
06. Parasite
07. Power Thrashing Death (Whiplash cover)
08. Shadows of Insanity
09. Holocaust of Pain
10. Suicidal Moments
11. Wasted
Self-Released (2007)
Thrash Metal
Album / CD


(bk / 02-05-2009) Released Anger from Greece are surely a surprise for those who think that there are only a handful of countries where people can play good thrash metal. They prove that there’s a healthy underground scene in Greece. "Face of Fate" is not incredibly original, but it claerly shows that Released Angger have been forging their personal style since the release of their first EP. Most of all it’s good old thrash very well played, with lots of power and good riffs. The rhythm changes and technical twists are more sophisticaed than one would think at a first listen, so that’s maybe the reason why "Faces of Fate" keeps getting better over the time. Most songs are up-tempo and fast-paced, but there’re also some bay area-like slower moments and midtempo parts like in "Heroine’s Death". The cover version of Whiplash "Power Thrashin’ Death" is very well executed, it’s a type of thrash which clearly suits this band. Outstanding songs: "Faces of Fate", "Parasite" and "Wasted". Some of the last songs on the CD sound a bit monotonouss, but on the whole it’s reasonably varied (some of the best moments being the midtempo parts), moderately technical and full of aggression and groove, recommended to all thrash fans. You can get it via Eat Metal Records (Greece).

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