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Convixion  - Metal Drinkin’ Conspiracy

over Artwork
01. Lordly (intro)
02. Avenger
03. Heavy Metal Way
04. Burning Inside
05. Drink Metal

Drink Metal
Convixion Medley Live
Eat Metal Records (2007)
Speed Metal
Album / CD-EP


(bk / 02-05-2009) The Greek underground, I recently found out, has really a lot to offer... doubtlessly one good example of quality metal from Greece are Convixion. On "Metal Drinkin’ Conspiracy" they have published four songs (plus intro) of good old classic speed metal, with the occasional incursion into thrash land here and there, very elaborate, with great melodies and riffs that make it dificult to sit still. They remind a bit of Sabbat or old Skyclad, especially in the melody lines and the different voice layers, but it wouldn’t be fair to reduce them to the influences they undoubtly have. The four songs are to the point and demonstrate great songwriting abilities sporting an excellent combination of melody and rhythm. The outstanding song is doubtlessly "Heavy Metal Way", though the other songs aren’t less worthy. As a bonus we find a few videos in quite good quality ofr watching on the PC. And of course we must mention the cool and funny cover artwork, which is a drawing in the Beavis & Butthead style and a play on words with Eat Metal Records, where by the way you can buy this heavily recommended CD.

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