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Eryn Non Dae.  - Hydra Lernaia

over Artwork
01. When Time Elapses
02. Blistering Hate
03. Existence Asleep
04. The Decline And The Fall
05. Lam Tsol Oua
06. Through Dark Skies
07. Opposites From Within
08. Echoes Of Distress
09. Pure
Metal Blade Records  (2009)
Progressive Metal
Album / CD


(bk / 15-06-2009) French band Eryn Non Dae., formerly known as End., already made a noise in the world of extreme and technical metal with their demo/ EP "The Neverending Whirl of Confusion". With their Metal Blade debut "Hydra Lernaia" they consistentliy continue their path amidst the technical post-thrash, post-hardcore sounds (or whatever you want to call it) they embraced from the beginning. While on their EP many songs had quite a lot of similarities with Meshuggah, now the music is much more personal and original. Dissonances, brutal down-tuned riffs, a distorted hardcorish voice and frequent rhythm changes are still predominant, but now the arrangements have a more personal touch and are even more technical and elaborate than before. There are also some stiller parts, but they aren’t there just for realxing a while or adding some extra time, quite the contrary, they convey a menacing and dark atmosphere. "The Decline And The Fall" for example is a slower, almost doomy song, "Echoes Of Distress" is fast and brutal - what they all have in common are the abrasive and confusing, surreal sounds and an atonal, abstract beauty. A great debut, perfect for fans of the aforementioned Meshuggah, but also followers of bands like Voivod, Dillinger Escape Plan and all things technical.

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