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Brutal Truth  - Evolution Through Revolution

over Artwork
01. Sugardaddy
02. Turmoil
03. Daydreamer
04. On The Hunt
05. Fist In Mouth
06. Get A Therapist Spare The World
07. War is Good
08. Evolution Through Revolution
09. Powder Burn
10. Attack Dog
11. Branded
12. Detatched
13. Global Good Guy
14. Humpty Finance
15. Semi-Automatic Carnation
16. Itch
17. Afterworld
18. Life
19. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
20. Grind Fidelity
Relapse Records  (2009)
Album / CD


(bk / 15-07-2009) Brutal Truth are back with a vengeance after quite a few years of absence from the grind scene. "Evolution through Revolution" sounds totally up-to-date, but like grindcore at its’ best at the same time. The sound is full and very heavy, yet clear enough so that you can discern all the different sounds and layers. There are some quite straight tracks as well, like "Fist In The Mouth", which is almost like old HC punk, when the style was still cool, but most of the time the songs are full of complex atonal riffing and frecuent rhythm changes. Everything sounds even more complex, maybe due to the influence of new guitarist "", being this his first album with Brutal Truth, abrasive and more chaotic than before, if possible. But that’s not a drawback, on the contrary - there’s always a groove or something that keeps you interested. A song like "Semi-Automatic Carnation" is more sludge-doom oriented than most of the stuff we’ve listened to before from the band; the drums are hi-speed and precise, the basslines a masterpiece - it’s not all that common to find as varied and intelligent a grindcore release as this, without sacrificing the anger and the fury. Once more, a great release by grindmasters Brutal Truth.

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