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Decrepit Birth  - Polarity

over Artwork
01. (A Departure of the Sun) Ignite the Tesla Coil
02. Metatron
03. The Resonance
04. Polarity
05. Solar Impulse
06. Mirroring Dimensions
07. A Brief Odyssey in Time
08. The Quickening of Time
09. Sea of Memories
10. Symbiosis
11. Darkness Embrace
12. See Through Dreams (DEATH Cover)
Massacre Records (2010)
Techno Death
Album / CD


(bk / 26-08-2010) Decrepit Birth have been a very successful technical brutal death metal band up to this point, and "Polarity" is their third full-length. They started playing an extremely brutal style, and have become a bit more elaborate, more melodic, over the years, keeping their technical level very high at the same time. On "Polarity", they’ve made some significant changes. Their trademark high-speed parts with neverending superfast double bass attacks are gone now. Instead, they’ve tried an Atheist-like, more progressive and slightly jazzy approach, which suits them perfectly as well. No, they haven’t turned soft or wimpy, if anybody’s wondering, and their songwriting is still excellent, if not better than on their previous efforts. The album contains eleven impressive tracks plus a cover by death metal masters Death, "See Through Dreams" from the "Human" album. Sometimes the covers a band plays indicate the direction they’re taking...
A great counterpoint played by two guitars introduces the opener "(A Departure of the Sun) Ignite the Tesla Coil", which soon turns into a sharp guitar riffs and double bass fireworks, with some great atonal guitar lines as well. Some acoustic parts are thrown in betweeen, and there are lots of different parts in each song - but it doesn’t result in chaos, the structures are extremely elaborate, complex and clear at the same time (sounds strange... but then, these songs do sound out of the ordinary!). The guitars are always in the foreground of the mix, but that doesn’t mean the other instruments can’t be heard - the rythm section is fast and powerful, and without the (still present) brutal double bass attacks the songs wouldn’t be the same. "Polarity" is an album best heard without any interruptions from beginning to end, and it’s difficult to highlight any song. A brilliant, outstanding album in the techno/ progressive death field in particular and the death metal genre in general nobody should miss.

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