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16  - Bridges To Burn

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01. Throw In The Towl
02. Skin And Bones
03. Me And My Shadow
04. Man, Interrupted
05. Flake
06. You Let Me Down Again
07. Monday, Bloody Monday
08. Permanent Good One
09. So Broken Down
10. Thorn In Your Side
11. What Went Wrong
12. Missed The Boat
Relapse Records  (2009)
Album / CD


(bk / 31-12-2008) 16 is a curious, though incredibly simple name for a band. 16 started in 1992 (with some interruption in between, I believe), and probably everybody would remembre a band name like that - only that in some parts of the world most music fans haven’t had so many opportunities to hear that name yet, outside from the inner circle of the sludge core scene. This is going to change soon, as 16 are now going to publish their first album through Realpse with worldwide distribution, titled "Bridges To Burn". Hardcore meets sludge and stoner is the motto, all played with a genuine rock’n’roll attitude which makes the whole thing a lot of fun. Who thought sludge had to be painstakingly slow and depressing has to listen to "Bridges to Burn", these guys from California sure step on the accelerator more than once, though most songs are around midtempo. A blend of styles and influences which works very well, resulting in an impressive album, totally recommended for genre fans and everybody openminded.

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